Books available

Victorian Wildlife Management has produced books concerning wildlife in Australia.

Seasons of the Red Deer by Daryl Panther, 100 page book with information ,history and habits of the Australian Red Deer.
With 110 photos of wild Red Deer illustrating just what the Aussie Red Deer gets up to during the seasons of the year, showing Reds participating in everything from roaring and fighting to wallowing and growing velvet. 
Price of Seasons of the Red Deer including postage  $23.00

Also After the Hunt, 2nd Edition. by Daryl Panther , a all new completly in colour Pocket size Guide to Caping and Field Dressing Booklet.
Produced so that the hunter can carry a step-by-step guide when they bag their prized trophy in the field.
This method of caping is used on not only deer, but can be used equally as well on goats, buffalo aor any other horned animals intended to be shoulder mounted.
Price of After The Hunt 2nd edition including postage $10.00

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